(My) Kids Say The Darndest Things

June 27, 1997 Cameron Cameron visits a Pet Shop along with his child-care class, and somehow (the real story may never be known) he "wins" a hamster. The teacher calls me to forewarn me, and I'm expecting a hamster in a wire cage, and I'll have to go buy $150 worth of habitat, water bottle, etc. etc. I arrive and am pleasantly surprised to find it came with most everything.

Not knowing how our two cats will deal with this tiny furball, I warn Cameron that the cats may want to eat the hamster -- who has by now attached the name 'Rocky' to it ("Why 'Rocky', Cameron?" "I just like the name!" "But what if it's a girl?" "Rocky" "O-o-o-kay...") We set up the habitat in a fairly safe area, across from the breakfast room table, then head out to the pet store to find out what else we need. When we get back, the two cats are sitting on that table, motionless, staring intently at Rocky. It appears they've been there since we left. Cameron gets a worried look on his face -- obviously thinking about my "cat eats hamster" warning -- and says, "Can we get rid of the cats?"

November 2, 1997 Jim I'm at the bookstore with Jim and a friend of his. We're looking through the juvenile fiction section. Jim's friend suddenly says, "Wow, look at this cover! This is probably a great book!" Jim says, "Everyone knows you can't judge a book by it's cover... you have to look on the back."
April 16, 1998 Cameron Cameron has shown interest in cursive writing, but has previously declared it too difficult. Today he comes home, sits down and takes pen in hand. When he's finished, he holds it up and says: "What does THIS say?" Thinking it's a rhetorical question, I answer: "I don't know... what?" He says, puzzled by my answer: "I don't know! I don't know how to read cursive!"
May 26, 1998 Cameron On the freeway feeder road near our house, there was for a while a billboard advertising for a funeral home. A large portion of the ad was a picture of a casket, and one day Cameron asks me what it is. In as careful terms as I can muster, I explain what it is and what it's used for. He thinks about it awhile.

The next day, the whole family is in the car and we're going to dinner, and we pass by the billboard again. Cameron says to his brother, "Hey Jim! Look! That's where dead people live!"

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