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My Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather - Lodowick

Lodowick Laird  abt 1720  1795
Migrated from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the mid to late 1700s. He's listed on the 1779 census records for South Carolina. Other records show he and wife Elizabeth bought land in the now-defunct Craven County, South Carolina in 1764.

Children of Lodowick and Elizabeth (b. abt 1720 d. abt 1795)

Robert Laird    
Archibald M. Laird - Rankin County, MS    
Samuel (son of Samuel was Archibald E.)    

My Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather - Robert Sr

Robert Laird Sr. 1742
Lancaster County, PA
16 Mar 1834 
Clarke County, GA
Moved to Clarke County, Georgia after his stint in the military. He was with the South Carolina Patriots during the American Revolution and received a land grant in Georgia.

Children of Robert Sr. and Elizabeth (b. 1758 d.1858)

Archibald (married Margaret McKelvy, 23 Feb 1804)  3 Mar 1776
Laurens County, SC
19 Jan 1851
Johns, Rankin County, MS
Robert Jr.    

My Great-Great-Great-Grandfather - Robert Jr

Robert Laird Jr.    

Children of Robert Jr. (see ref. at bottom of this page) and Senthy Martin

Archibald March 22, 1816   
Elim (Eli?) (Eliam?) about 1828  
Martha Jane about 1830  
Viola about 1838  
John about 1832  
Elivira about 1834  
Emeline about 1836  

My Great-Great-Grandfather - Archibald

Archibald Laird March 22, 1816 November 17, 1884 (86?)

Children of Archibald and Malinda Graham (b: 1825, Decatur, MS, d. 12-11-1872)

Robert Alexander Laird* April 9, 1842 September 2, 1903
Edward A. Laird* (Edward Graham?) February 11, 1845 October 19, 1913
Hiram Winfield Laird* February 22, 1846 (2/6/1848?) October 7, 1897
Thomas J. Laird* June 22, 1858 February 24, 1884
Franklin Palmer Laird* January 17, 1856 November 14, 1917
George Andrew Laird* March 4, 1854 November 15, 1917
Sarah F. Laird* (unknown) (unknown)
Emely Laird* (married John A. Scott)
Archibald was living with John and Emily in 1880 Census
(unknown) December 11, 1910
John Calhoun Laird January 18, 1858  
Susie Elizabeth Laird    

My Great-Grandfather - Hiram

Hiram Winfield Laird* February 22, 1846 (2/6/1848?) October 7, 1897

Children of Hiram and Elizabeth Chandler

Iris Elma Laird* April 11, 1876 December 10, 1949
Nicy Alma Laird* November 8, 1878 February 6, 1948
John Stephen Laird* January 24 (25?), 1882 February 27, 1973

My Grandfather - John

John Stephen Laird* January 24 (25?), 1882 February 27, 1973

Children of John

Jon Ansel Laird June 20, 1908 August 17, 1973
Raymond Winfield Laird November 14, 1914 November 23, 1994

My Father - Raymond

Raymond Winfield Laird November 14, 1914 November 23, 1994

Children of Raymond and Nancy - My Brothers

John Stephen Laird II June 10, 1945  
James Douglas Laird January 3, 1946  
Raymond Winfield Laird, Jr. October 13, 1951  
Robert Taylor Laird May 2, 1953  

Child of Jon Ansel - My Cousin

Courtney July 7, 1958  
Maugarite (daughter of Courtney) April 19, 1987  

Note: All with asterisk (*) were born, died and buried in Newton County, Mississippi.

Here... a lot less pretty... is some information I just got from my brother:

Archey Laird          b.  3-22-1816  d. 11-17-1886  age 70 yrs {probably Archibald }
R. A. Laird           b.  4- 9-1842  d.  9- 7-1903  age 61 yrs
H. W. Laird           b.  2-22-1846  d. 10- 7-1897  age 51 yrs { same ?}
Hiram Winfield Laird  b.  2- 6-1848  d. 10- 7-1897  age 49 yrs { person}
Georg A. Laird        b.  3- 4-1884 or 1854                    { probably the }
G. A. Laird           b.             d. 11- 7-1915             { same person  }
F. P. Laird           b.  1-17-1856  d. 11-14-1917  age 59 yrs
J. C. Laird           b.  1-18-1858  d. unknown
T. J. Laird           b.  6-22-1858  d.  4- 4-1930  age 71 yrs
Iris Elma Laird       b. ca.   1876  d. unknown
Nicey Alva Laird      b. ca.   1878  d. unknown
W. W. Laird           b.  8-18-1879  d.  3-16-1896  age 16 yrs
John Stephen Laird    b.  1-25-1882  d.  2-27-1973  age 91 yrs
Hattie E. Laird       b.  3- 3-1882  d. unknown
Irene Laird           b.  3- 9-1885  d. unknown
Robert L. Laird       b.  3- 6-1887  d. unknown
Queeney Laird         b.  6-14-1889  d.  9-29-1893  age  4 yrs
Martin R(ay) Laird    b.  6-17-1891  d.  5- 6-1914  age 22 yrs
Ervin A. Laird        b.  8-20-1893  d. unknown
Frank F. Laird        b.  1-22-1896  d. unknown
Melinda Laird         b. unknown     d. 12-11-1872
Thomas J. Laird       b. unknown     d.  2-24-1884
Sarah E. Laird        b. unknown     d.  6-  -1887
Emely Scott (Laird?)  b. unknown     d. 12-11-1910
E. G. Laird           b. unknown     d. 10-19-1913

Information I got from a web page that matched up Archibald's wife's family with Archie...
Alexander "Sandy" GRAHAM Born Dec 1782 North Carolina     Died 26 May 1876 Decatur, Newton, MS       Married Cynthia PARKER  Born 1806 TN Died 1897 Little Rock, Newton, MS 

M/F          CHILDREN             WHEN BORN                 WHERE BORN          FIRST MARRIAGE     WHEN DIED
        1  M William `Judge' GRAHAM   7 Feb 1822            Decatur, Newton,MS  28 Jan 1839        29 Aug 1904     Rachel JONES 
        2  F Malinda GRAHAM               @ 1825            Decatur, Newton,MS  Archibald LAIRD 
        3  F Elizabeth GRAHAM             1827              Decatur, Newton,MS  
        4  M Winston R GRAHAM             12 Mar 1831       Decatur, Newton,MS  24 Sep 1911 Lucinda REYNOLDS 
        5  F Elmira GRAHAM                1833              Decatur, Newton,MS  
        6  M Robert GRAHAM                1835              Decatur, Newton,MS  Sarah 
        7  M Anthony GRAHAM               1838              Decatur, Newton,MS  
        8  F Lucinda GRAHAM               1839              Decatur, Newton,MS  John BYNUM 
        9  F Martha GRAHAM                1843              Decatur, Newton,MS  
        10 F Sarah Ann GRAHAM             1846              Decatur, Newton,MS  
        11 F Julia Ann GRAHAM          5 Apr 1849           Decatur, Newton,MS  19 Jan 1898        11 Mar 1927 Elisha PARKS 
        12 M William GRAHAM               1845              Decatur, Newton,MS  
        13 M Archibald Clinton GRAHAM     1815-1820         TN or AL            1889   Mary Emily WALTERS
Here is, MAYBE, my g-g-g-grandfather... but this is NOT for sure.  It
came from this web site:
38. Robert LAIRD, b. 1742, d. 1834; served in NC Troops; res. Clarke Co. m. Elizabeth -?

     1. Sarah LAIRD
     2. James LAIRD
     3. Samuel LAIRD
     4. Archibald LAIRD
     5. Robert LAIRD
     6. Mary LAIRD
     7. William LAIRD;
     8. Elizabeth LAIRD

Other miscellaneous information I obtained from the Internet... specifically having to do with a 1% sampling of the 1880 Census... it doesn't seem likely that any of these are directly connected to me.



LAIRD            A N              TX/3470/0052/097829

 NACOGDOCHES, TX           Enum. Dist. 52   Reel 1321 Page 273 Date: 06/25
 LAIRD, J                     W M  48 Head           M Louisiana               Louisiana               Louisiana
 LAIRD, L                     W F  38 Wife           M Alabama                 Georgia                 Georgia
 LAIRD, M J                   W F   8 Child          S Texas                   Louisiana               Alabama
 LAIRD, A N                   W F   4 Child          S Texas                   Louisiana               Alabama
 LAIRD, J L                   W F   1 Child          S Texas                   Louisiana               Alabama

LAIRD            AGNES            OH/0930/0168/077657

 LORAIN, OH                Enum. Dist. 168  Reel 1042 Page 414 Date: 06/10
 LAIRD, ALEXANDER             W M  48 Head           M Ireland                 Ireland                 Ireland
 LAIRD, AGNES                 W F  44 Wife           M Pennsylvania            Ireland                 Ireland
 LAIRD, ALEXANDER JR          W M  14 Child          S Ohio                    Ireland                 Pennsylvania
 LAIRD, EDWARD                W M  11 Child          S Ohio                    Ireland                 Pennsylvania
 LAIRD, MARCHAL               W M   8 Child          S Ohio                    Ireland                 Pennsylvania
 LAIRD, THOMAS                W M   6 Child          S Ohio                    Ireland                 Pennsylvania
 LAIRD, SARAH                 W F   4 Child          S Ohio                    Ireland                 Pennsylvania

LAIRD            ALEXANDER        OH/0930/0168/077657
LAIRD            ALEXANDER JR     OH/0930/0168/077657
LAIRD            AMANDA           MO/1630/0143/052365

LAIRD            BUSHROD F        KY/1170/0115/031170

 KENTON, KY                Enum. Dist. 115  Reel 425  Page 263 Date: 06/09
 LAIRD, BUSHROD F             W M  32 Head           M Kentucky                England                 England
 LAIRD, ELLEN                 W F  26 Wife           M Mississippi             New York                Pennsylvania
 LAIRD, MARTENA               W F   1 Child          S Ohio                    Kentucky                Mississippi
 MCCLOY, ANN                  W F  37 Res. employee  S Ireland                 Ireland                 Ireland

LAIRD            EDWARD           OH/0930/0168/077657

LAIRD            ELAM             TX/2410/0039/097291

 JASPER, TX                Enum. Dist. 39   Reel 1313 Page 165 Date: 06/17
 YARBOROUGH, RUFUS            W M  30 Head           M Mississippi             Louisiana               South Carolina
 YARBOROUGH, MAHALIA D.       W F  30 Wife           M Mississippi             Mississippi             Mississippi
 YARBOROUGH, ESTHER A.        W F   9 Child          S Texas                   Mississippi             Mississippi
 YARBOROUGH, LULA T.          W F   5 Child          S Texas                   Mississippi             Mississippi
 YARBOROUGH, DUVERNA          W M   3 Child          S Texas                   Mississippi             Mississippi
 LAIRD, ELAM                  W M  21 Boarder        S Texas                   Mississippi             Mississippi

LAIRD            FREEMAN          MO/1630/0143/052365
LAIRD            HENRY A.         MD/0350/0073/037836

LAIRD            J                TX/3470/0052/097829

 NACOGDOCHES, TX           Enum. Dist. 52   Reel 1321 Page 273 Date: 06/25
 LAIRD, J                     W M  48 Head           M Louisiana               Louisiana               Louisiana
 LAIRD, L                     W F  38 Wife           M Alabama                 Georgia                 Georgia
 LAIRD, M J                   W F   8 Child          S Texas                   Louisiana               Alabama
 LAIRD, A N                   W F   4 Child          S Texas                   Louisiana               Alabama
 LAIRD, J L                   W F   1 Child          S Texas                   Louisiana               Alabama

LAIRD            MARCHAL          OH/0930/0168/077657

LAIRD            NANCY E          MD/0350/0073/037836
LAIRD            ROSA             MO/1630/0143/052365
LAIRD            SARAH            OH/0930/0168/077657
LAIRD            T WILLIE         OH/0610/0164/076659
LAIRD            THOMAS           OH/0930/0168/077657


From: Tony Smith <> 
To: Robert Laird <> 
Subject: Back from Mississippi 
X-Mailer: USANET web-mailer (M3.4.4.4) 

Hi Cousin Robert... I just got back from home in Mississippi a couple of days
ago and am just now finding the time to check my e-mail. I had a very pleasant
and informative meeting with our cousin, Dean King, who is related through
Edward Graham Laird, Archibald and Malinda's son. She has done extensive
research, using census records and speaking with older family members. She and
I are in agreement that Robert Jr. and Synthia Marten (Martin) Laird have to
have been Archibald's father. Dean's research show Robert Laird was in Simpson
County, Mississippi in the 1830 census, then moved to Newton County,
Mississippi by the 1840 census. The 1860 census in Newton County shows Robert
Laird, 77 years old, born in Georgia, living with "Archebal" and Malinda
Laird. That census also shows that "Archebal" was born in Georgia. Dean's
word-of-mouth family information also consistently shows Robert Jr. to have
been our ancestor. Her research shows Robert Jr.'s children included our
Archibald, plus Elim, born in 1820, Eli, born in 1828, Martha Jane, born in
1830, and  Viola Laird, born in 1843. Also, Dean has been in touch with a
descendant of Elim Laird, whose research shows the same thing -- that Elim and
Archibald were brothers... and both were sons of Robert Jr. who descended from
Robert Sr., and Lodowick. Also, Dean took me and my mother to the old Laird
family cemetery near Archibald and Malinda's old homeplace. I believe you told
me you had been there. It's a fascinating step back in time. I never knew it
existed until now. I took a few pictures of Archibald's and Malinda's
tombstone and I'm sending one to you in case you don't have a picture of it.
I'm glad all of our digging apparently has helped us figure out where we came
from. Thanks for your help in all of this. This family tree stuff can be quite
a headache. Hope to hear from you soon. And, I'll be in touch. Take care...
your cousin, Tony.

World War I Info...
NEWTON CO., MS BIRTH INFORMATION:  RESIDENTS OF THIS COUNTY IN 1917-18                                                                                               
AND PERSONS WITH LINKS TO THIS COUNTY                                                                                                                 
The information below was abstracted by Raymond H. Banks from                                                                                         
civilian registration cards completed in 1917-1918.  All rights reserved.                                                                             
Some men do not have birth locations listed because they                                                                                              
registered on the final draft registration day in 1918 when this information                                                                          
was not recorded.  Almost 24 million men registered for the draft.                                                                                    
1ST COLUMN:   NAME                                                                                                                                    
2ND COLUMN:  BIRTH DATE                                                                                                                               
3RD COLUMN:  ETHNIC GROUP                                                                                                                             
4TH COLUMN:  BIRTH LOCATION OR OTHER INFO (spelling unreliable)                                                                                       
OTHER COLUMNS:  LOCATION OF REGISTRATION                                                                              
Laird, Arch                                30 May 1894    W    Union MS                                     Newton    MS
Laird, Archable E.                         18 Feb 1884    W                                                 Newton    MS
Laird, Ernies A. (Erneis)                  20 Aug 1894    W    Decatur MS                                  Forrest    MS
Laird, Grady W.                            30 Dec 1898    W                                                 Newton    MS
Laird, Herbert Lee                          2 Jul 1882    W                                                 Newton    MS
Laird, Hiram Gehue                         12 May 1896    W    Little Rock MS                               Newton    MS
Laird, Ivy Melvin                          28 Nov 1887    W    Decatur MS                                   Newton    MS
Laird, Joseph S.                              Feb 1880    W                                                 Newton    MS
Laird, Thomas Andrew                       20 Sep 1876    W                                                 Newton    MS
Laird, William Franklin                    15 Dec 1879    W                                                 Newton    MS


1880 Census had information like this on Archibald:

   Arch LAIRD   Household
   Other Information:
   Birth Year  <1816>
   Birthplace  GA
   Age  64
   Occupation  Farmer
   Marital Status  M <Married>
   RaceW <White>
   Head of Household  John A. SCOTT
   RelationFatherL <Father-in-law>
   Father's Birthplace SC
   Mother's Birthplace GA
   Source Information:
   Census Place  Beat 2, Newton, Mississippi
   Family History Library Film 1254659
   NA Film Number T9-0659
   Page Number591B

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