Robert Laird's "Extended" Family

UPDATE:  This web page was created over 12 years ago, and I was naive enough to think that I could enumerate all the Laird references and people I found on the web.  Well, if you Google "Laird" right now (July 2008), there are about 9.3 million results!

Also, a great many of the original links on this page are broken, many of them for many, many years.  Please keep all this in mind as you view this page.  In 1995, it seems reasonable to create such a page, but now it only seems absurd and pointless.  Then again, Google didn't exist in 1995, so, I guess I was ahead of my time, eh?  :-)


I happened to be reading the 3/95 issue of Byte Magazine and read a letter to the editor from a Cameron Laird. Well, my 4-yr-old son's name is Cameron, so I was intrigued. There was an internet e-mail address, so I sent him an e-mail more or less introducing myself. It turned out that he had a Web page, too. We're not related... or, at least, not directly, but there does seem to be a vague resemblance, and some of the old stories told seem to match my family's "old stories", so maybe there is a link.


Cameron Laird has set up a Web page that discusses a couple of different stories about the possible origins of the Laird family, one provided by me, the other by Tony Laird. Instead of duplicating his work, here is a link to that page.

Now, this idea of finding unrelated family members (is that an oxymoron?) seems to be growing. In fact, I'm taking it on as a pet project, putting up links to other "Lairds", all over the world. Below are the ones I've found so far.

If you're simply interested in geneological information-let's-cut-out-the-razz-matazz, then check out Russell's Info | My Info | Spencer's Info | Georgia Info.


Now, to keep this in perspective, my brothers names are:

and my two son's are:

So, you can see that there seem to be a small number of "acceptable" first names for Lairds. (In case you didn't get it, that was said with tongue-in-cheek.) None of the people below are related (that I'm aware of at this point). Maybe, just maybe, I can get some information from them that will piece together a bigger Laird family picture. Here's hoping!

Many years ago I was given a look at the "family shield". It was supposed to be a closely guarded secret (well, at least, that's the way I remember it). Anyway, I sneaked into the room when no one knew I was around and I sketched the coat of arms. The first thing that will be obvious is that I'm not an artist... But, look closely and you'll see, from top to bottom, a stag, helmet, boars heads, chevron, crescent and the motto, Spero Meliora, which means, "I hope for better things." I've read books on coat of arms, which indicates what each of these icons mean, but I've since forgotten it all.

The funny thing is, I ran across this coat of arms (almost identical) a year ago in a book on Scotland, so I have no way of knowing if this is just a well-known coat of arms that was adopted by some high-handed ancestor, or if there is genuine validity on its use within my lineage.

Update: I have since run into several people who have set me straight about this coat of arms. The short version is: coat of arms are "assigned to" or "earned" by only a single family, not to a clan or family name. While the coat of arms displayed here may be real (and there are many reasons to suggest it is), it would then only belong to a single family and does NOT represent all Lairds. Unfortunately, Americans and others have always been fascinated by 'coat of arms' and there are many businesses that prey on that fascination; they generate certificates and reproductions of someone's coat of arms (or maybe just make them up) and hand them out like high-priced candy. So, don't be taken in by this or any of those companies that sell books about "your" family. The research is extremely incomplete and essentially useless. Sorry to disappoint.

Web Sites

I won't elaborate too much on these Laird Web sites. Check them out for yourself! They aren't in any order, either, I simply add them when I find them.

Cameron Laird - originally from Indiana

Cameron is a busy guy. If you search the Web with the keyword "Laird", his name
shows up more often than just about anyone's. And if you want someone to blame
for this "Laird Page", then pick on him. ;-)

Kyler B. Laird - Cameron's brother! - from Lafayette, IN

Bobby Laird - currently at Auburn University, "Fred" is a doctoral candidate

in the Department of Family and Child Development with a master's degree
from Auburn and a Bacheolor's from L.S.U. He is also an accomplished runner.

Chris Laird - of York, England

Chris is 20 and was born in Chester, UK, and is
studying German and linguistics at the University of York, and
is currently in Kiel, Germany. He has two younger sisters.

Rod Laird of Australia.

Jaison Denis Laird

Jay Laird is Vice-President and Information Services Coordinator of Active Window Productions. His job involves the day-to-day management of the Active Window Productions staff, the editorial management of's information services as well as the creation of new services, the direct coordination of MediaNation Film/Video and Information=Power, plus general graphic design and writing duties. All of this has led him to working long hours and sometimes talking about himself in the third person.

John E. Laird

Prof. John Laird received his B.S. from the University of Michigan in 1975 and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 1983. The title of his thesis was "Universal Subgoaling" and his thesis advisor was Allen Newell. Before joining the faculty at the University of Michigan, Dr. Laird was a member of research staff at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center from 1984 to 1986. Prof. Laird is currently the director of the University of Michigan's Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Nan M. Laird

Dr. Laird's primary research focus is the development of statistical methodology in three main areas: the analysis of missing and/or incomplete data, the analysis of longitudinal or repeated measured data and methods for combining the results of a series of experiments.

Jerry D. Laird, Sergeant, Riverside, Ca. Police Dept.

(You have to scroll down the page to see the info on Jerry) More than 15 years experience in all phases of law enforcement supervision including patrol, traffic, investigations, aviation, and special programs.

Kenneth Laird

(You have to scroll down the page a bit to see the info on Kenneth). KENNETH LAIRD is a Faculty Associate with the Research Institute for Telecommunications and Information Marketing (RITIM) and Assistant Professor at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven, Connecticut. He received his Ph.D. in Management Systems in 1992 from the University of New Haven. His specializations include Management, Marketing, and Management Information Systems.

Cammel Laird

Apparently, Cammel Laird is a shipyard, named as the builder of the British dreadnoughts; a King George V class batttleship, "Audacious" in 1911, launched on 14 Sept 1912. It had a short life. It was struck by a mine in Oct 1914 and sank after towing efforts failed. Cammel Laird also worked on a Hood class battlecruiser in 1916, but it was eventually cancelled; on a Nelson class battleship, the "Rodney", in 1927; a King George V class battleship, the "Prince of Wales", which was completed in 1941, damaged by the Bismark in May 1941, and sunk by Japanese aircraft on Dec 10, 1941. If you have any information on this shipyard and especially on its namesake, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Bobbie Laird

TNS Voice Operations, San Diego State University, Department of Business Affairs

Philip Laird

Philip Laird is a Scientist in the Computational Sciences Division within the Information Systems Directorate at NASA's Ames Research Center near Mountain View, California. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale University and an S.B in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research interests include machine learning algorithms and learning patterns from temporal data. He applies his research to the automation of mission operations and monitoring.

Donald Laird

Donald is the Webmaster for an Orienteering Web Page for the Bay Area Orienteering Club, courtesy of Stanford University, and has his own Internet consulting business.

Patricia Laird

A red-head, who has a Web page FOR red-heads called Redhead's International. Check it out! She's also seems to be fond of Mariah Carey.

Delbert Laird

Delbert designed this Web page for Maelstrom Hobby of Concord, Ca.

Cheryl Laird

Cheryl is a reporter in my hometown of Houston, and writes feature articles
for the Houston Chronicle. This isn't her home page, but there is a picture and
some interesting tidbits about what she writes. Like me, she is one of those
very rare "native Houstonians."

Jason Brian Laird

Jason is a Senior Economics Major and Teaching Technician, OTAL, University of Maryland,
College Park. He was married on August 17, 1995.

Sally Laird

Sally lives in Eagle River, Alaska, (just outside of Anchorage) and is a self-confessed
self-taught computer user, and closet novelist. Sally has very interesting, and readable
home pages all about her family, pets, hobbies, husband, etc.

Dawn Laird

?? Purchasing Agent, Technology Support Group, Indiana University Purchasing Department ??

Susan Laird

A counselor for Oxford College, Emory University, near Atlanta, Georgia.

E. H. "Ted" Laird

Instructor of Accounting at the University of San Francisco, McLaren School of Business.
BBA, University of Michigan, 1951; MBA, University of Michigan, 1953. Member: AICPA California
Society of CPA's, Financial Executives Institute, Financial Officers of Northern California.

Campbell Laird

Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. His interest: understanding and predicting strength and fracture properties in a wide range of structural materials, including metals and alloys, and various classes of composites, eg. carbon/polymer, MMC's (metal matrix composites) and ceramic matrix composites. His main focus in metallic materials is cyclic deformation and fatigue, including the role of environment in fracture.
 Um... yeah... got it! 

Kathleen Laird

(Now, it's quite likely I'm related to Kathleen because she was born in Meridian, Mississippi. I have kin-folk spread through the central Mississippi area, principally around Union, MS.)
Kathleen is a junior at Mississippi State University. Her major is special education/pre-occupational therapy.

Heather Laird

(If I had had a daughter, I probably would have named her Heather.)
Heather is a student at the Grady College of Journalism at the University of Georgia, in Athens, Georgia.

Brian B. Laird

Assistant Professor, Natural Sciences, Chemistry Department, Statistical Mechanics of Liquids and Solids, at the University of Kansas. Research Interests: Physical chemistry: first-order phase transition, interfaces, amorphous systems, general liquid state theory, in homogeneous fluids, realization and transport of excitations in condensed matter.

Gillian Laird

Secretary, Research School of Earth Sciences, RSES Support Staff, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Kitty Campbell Laird

In her ninth year at PMO, Kitty Campbell Laird, assistant director of Purdue Musical Organizations, is the director of the Purdue Bell Choir. Kitty also works extensively with the specialty acts for this group and does arranging, vocal coaching, and choreography for all of PMO.

Neil F. Laird

Assistant Professional Scientist
Illinois State Water Survey
Office of Cloud and Precipitation Research
2204 Griffith Drive
Champaign, Illinois 61820-7495
- Current Research Interests
- - - Sea Breeze Circulation
- - - Lake-Effect Snowstorms
- - - Hawaiian Rainbands
- - - Tropical Cumulus Cloud Processes
- - - Cloud Physics Laboratory Investigations

Stephen Laird

Stephen is 16 years old and lives in Helen's Bay, Northern Ireland. He is studying A-Level maths, physics and chemistry at Sullivan Upper School, and hope to continue towards either electrical or mechanical engineering.

Andrew D. Laird

Andy Laird is a Seattle inventor and bird watcher whose weekly radio series, Flying High, can be heard on KGW-TV in Seattle. His numerous inventions include the rake, the dipthong and the sandstone coaster.

Alan Laird

Alan runs a business by the name of Laird Networking out of Ashland, Oregon.

Al Laird

Al is the president of a structural engineering services company in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

Craig Laird

Craig lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and runs a business called Queensland Computer Tutorials.

Christopher Eli Laird

Christopher is the Foundation Professor of Physics, Eastern Kentucky University, in Richmond, Kentucky, with interests in Nuclear Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Mechanics, and Electricity & Magnetism.

Dr. Irving W. Laird

Nampa First Church of the Nazarene Board Member and Head, Dept. of Special Ministries, the Athletic Council, and the Graduate Council of Northwest Nazarene College, Nampa, Idaho.

Paul Laird
   Paul writes: "I am a welfare fraud collector for the State of Washington. I have a bachelor's degree in from Olivet Nazarene University in Philosophy and Communications, and a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University in California. I am a program manager over Court Ordered Restitution accounts in our office.

   "I have made two recent genealogy trips and just published my first genealogy book on my wife's family "This Will Never Happen Again - The story of Marvin Kammrath and Paula Klug".

E-Mail Only

George James Laird Jr.

Jim, born in Brooklyn, N.Y., owns and operates his own executive search firm
called Fortune Personnel Consultants of Orlando, Inc. He's also been an engineer,
manager and director of computer hardware and software development for NCR Corporation.
He has a son, Bryan C., and daughter, Lisa M., and his wife is Audrey Christenbury,
married in December of 1967.

Amelia Laird

Amelia is a 4th Grader at Ferny Creek Public School, and she is listed on their Web page. She lives in Melborne, Australia.

Gary Laird

Part of the first pledge class (April 1985) of Gamma Rho Fraternity a chapter of Sigma Alpha Mu, out of the University of California at San Diego.

Nancy Laird

(I have no clue!)

Jeff Laird

Is ranked #100 in the Formula 1 Prognosticator Pandemonium competition. In this competition. entrants predict season's results before the first race of the season, and are scored on the closeness of the picks. For information on this, click here.

Bob Laird

Director, Family Life Office, Diocese of Arlington, VA

Philip Laird

A mathematician, at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Eric Laird

(Provided to me by Cheryl Laird)

Brian Laird

Brother to Bobby (aka Fred) Laird, and student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Peter Laird

Ann Arbor, Michigan, Community High School Alumnus, 1992-1995. BA in History from the University of Michigan; MA in International Relations and Policy Analysis from the University of Denver; Intelligence Officer in the US Navy. "I'd tell you more but then I'd have to kill you."

Russell Laird

Operates a Mayberry-RFD-ish computer store located on the square in downtown Mt. Vernon, TX (pop. 2,200), a Northeast Texas anchor community of a lake/retirement area known as the Geezerplex. (Russell had a lot of interesting, and almost-coinciding-with- my lineage, information which I've posted here.)

Colin Laird -- Hometown: Port Perry, ON, Canada

Colin is a full time student at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, studying Business. He works part time as the university's mascot which is an eagle.

Lairds in Congress

Laird, James (1849-1889) Born in Fowlerville, N.Y., June 20, 1849. Delegate to Nebraska state constitutional convention, 1875; U.S. Representative from Nebraska 2nd District, 1883-1889. Died August 17, 1889. Interment at Parkview Cemetery, Hastings, Neb. (See also his congressional biography.)

Laird, L. E. of Worland, Wyo. Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Wyoming at-large, 1944. Still living as of 1944.

Laird, Melvin Robert (1922- ) of Marshfield, Wis. Born in Omaha, Wis., September 1, 1922. Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II; member of Wisconsin state senate, 1946; U.S. Representative from Wisconsin 7th District, 1953-1969; delegate to Republican National Convention from Wisconsin at-large, 1964; U.S. Secretary of Defense, 1969-1973. Received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1974. Still living as of 1998. (See also his congressional biography.)

Laird, William Ramsey III (1916-1974) Born in Keswick, Calif., June 2, 1916. Served in the U.S. Navy during World War II; U.S. Senator from West Virginia, 1956. Died in Fayetteville, W.Va., January 7, 1974. Interment at Huse Memorial Park, Fayetteville, W.Va. (See also his congressional biography.)

No link info yet

Peter Laird

Mirage Publishing -- best known as the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... his fame probably prevents him from publishing an address, but here is a page of some interest and relevance.

Walter Laird

...who brought us the ever popular, Technique of Latin Dancing (1992 Walter Laird, ISBN 0 900326 21 2)

Melvin Laird

Former Secretary of the Defense, in the Nixon Administration. (See above, Lairds in Congress)

W. David Laird: Hopi Bibliography

Comprehensive and Annotated
University of Arizona Press [c1977]
735 p.; 6 x 9

Includes indexes.

"Over three thousand annotated entries covering every aspect of
Hopi life and culture. A valuable handbook." --Western Historical Quarterly.

Hopi Indians, Bibliography

LC: 77009563 Class: Z1210.H6
ISBN: 0-8165-0633-7 Cloth in US: $13.50 (out of print)
ISBN: 0-8165-0566-7 Paper in US: $35.00

Something I ran across in my searches...thanks to Spencer Laird, e-mail:

13909 Davenport Ave, San Diego, CA 92129

More food for thought

Below is the result of a query to the InterNIC server on the name "Laird" (as of 6/23/97)...

LAIRD NOLLER FORD/MAZDA NET-C111335 C111335            
LAIRD, ROBERT (RL3337)          RTLAIRD@AOL.COM800-231-7983 (FAX) 313-459-4415
Laird Consulting LAIRD2-DOM                                          LAIRD.COM
Laird Harris Associates LHAPUBAFF-DOM                            LHAPUBAFF.COM
Laird Management Consulting LAIRD3-DOM                       LAIRD.ORG
Laird Manufacturing LMFG-DOM                                          LMFG.COM
Laird Networking LAIRD-DOM                                           LAIRD.NET
Laird Norton Company LAIRDNORTON-DOM                           LAIRDNORTON.COM
Laird Norton Endowment Foundation LAIRDNORTON2-DOM             LAIRDNORTON.ORG
Laird Norton Financial Group LNFG-DOM                                 LNFG.COM
Laird Norton Trust LNTCO-DOM                                         LNTCO.COM
Laird Norton Trust Company NETBLK-NET-LNT NET-LNT
Laird Packaging, Inc. LAIRDPAK-DOM                                LAIRDPAK.COM
Laird Plastics Inc LAIRD-PLASTICS-DOM                       LAIRD-PLASTICS.COM
Laird Pulver LAIRDEXHIBIT-DOM                                 LAIRDEXHIBIT.COM
Laird Security Systems Division LSSD-DOM                              LSSD.COM
Laird Welding & MFG. Works, Inc. LAIRDMFG-DOM                     LAIRDMFG.COM
Laird Williams L-N-L-DOM                                             L-N-L.COM
Laird, Alan AL86                alan@LAIRD.NET                    541.488.4021
Laird, Alan AL973               laird@GOL.COM
                                         +81 3 5701 6063 (FAX) +81 3 5701 6063
Laird, Alan (AL1176)            alan@IP.COM    415-588-1100 (FAX) 415-588-1200
Laird, Bob BL1106               blaird@EGGHEAD.COM
                                               509-891-6639 (FAX) 509-921-2890
Laird, Bob BL1319               mkrehel@AWINC.COM
                                         1- 604 -868-2355 (FAX) 1-604-868-2384
Laird, Bryan BL2197             blaird@EROLS.COM                  703-490-0302
Laird, Buck BL814               buck@LCADS.COM                  (808) 531-9841
Laird, Cameron CL60             claird@CALLADAN.COM             (713) 996-8546
Laird, Charles CL1501           admin@I-X-P.COM                   817 591 1955
Laird, Charles CL1653           ixp@GTE.NET                         8175911955
Laird, Clay CL2065              clayl@ONRAMP.NET                (214) 707-4968
Laird, Colin CL190              Claird@HMC.ORG                    970-927-1192
Laird, Craig CL807              RoyalOak@SHENTEL.NET              540 635 7064
Laird, Curt CL2187              dispatch@LOCKRANGER.COM
                                             (425)820-7175 (FAX) (425)821-7334
Laird, Dave DL2738              absolute@THE-WIRE.COM
                                               416-450-2595 (FAX) 416-626-3574
Laird, David DL2479             gjs@DIAMONDS-UNLIMITED.COM      (407) 297-8000
Laird, Delbert DL1549           dlaird@ASCENSIONONLINE.COM
                                         +1 510 685 5840 (FAX) +1 510 798 1052
Laird, Donald DL952             laird@SONIC.NET                  (707)544-5368
Laird, Donald DL2595            laird@DONALDLAIRD.COM
                                           (707) 544-5368 (FAX) (707) 544-5321
Laird, Duane DL297              postmaster@SYNEXSYSTEMS.COM       604-688-8271
Laird, Evans EL409              ces@GIM.NET                       610-617-1104
Laird, Felice FL458             felicel@MK.IBEK.COM
                                               202-463-0904 (FAX) 202-429-9812
Laird, Gregory GL1375           webmaster@TMR-USA.COM           (770) 472-1092
Laird, Heather (HL568)          hlo1@AOL.COM   707 254 4027 (FAX) 707 254 4080
Laird, Heather (HL598)          HL01@AOL.COM   707-254-4027 (FAX) 707-254-4080
Laird, James E (JL2772)         lairdj@BWAY.NET603-641-2254 (FAX) 603-668-5784
Laird, Jay JL284                jaide@ACTWIN.COM                (617) 497-7715
Laird, Jeff JL2303              jeffrey@CRC-AQC.COM
                                               714.894.5252 (FAX) 714.893.2322
Laird, Jeff JL4224              Jeffery@CRC-AQC.COM
                                               714-379-8888 (FAX) 714-379-8894
Laird, Jeffrey JL843            jeffrey@CRC_AQC.COM             (714) 894-5252
Laird, John JL4603              JLAIRD@TARLETON.EDU             (817) 968-9885
Laird, John JL4011              jlaird@ATTMAIL.COM
                                               314-519-5863 (FAX) 314-519-5611
Laird, Juanita JL200            juanita@HEVANET.COM             (503) 221-1063
Laird, Kathleen KL483           patel@CCNET.COM                   209/221-2507
Laird, Kim KL642                nvbc@SONIC.COM                    707-942-4101
Laird, Kyler B KBL4             kyler@LAIRDS.COM             +1 (317) 463-3447
Laird, Larry LL37-ORG           nomail@IPRESENT.COM               601-679-5963
Laird, Lee LL10         ab5sm@NETCOM.COM
                                           (214) 767-8147 (FAX) (214) 767-3144
Laird, Lee LL633                ab55m@NETCOM.COM                  214.372.7686
Laird, Lee (LL1065)             kr5@AIRMAIL.NET903-587-3662 (FAX) 214-375-9562
Laird, Lee LL1523               kr5f@AIRMAIL.NET
                                               903-587-9407 (FAX) 214-375-9562
Laird, Lew LL1192               nomailbox@NOWHERE                   3307962121
Laird, Linda R LRL11            postmaster@THECOUP.COM            415-491-5508
Laird, Margo ML1012             realty4u@CHENEY.NET               904-939-9500
Laird, Mary ML1235              Mary@SAGINAWPIPE.COM              205 664-3670
Laird, Phillip PL66             plaird@MAL.UUCP.NETCOM.COM      (317) 564-3680
Laird, Randall LR88-ORG VideoT@WORLDNET.ATT.NET          (425)255-1980
Laird, Ray RL2671               hiyc@CYBERHIGHWAY.NET
                                           (503) 289-4007 (FAX) (503) 362-0005
Laird, Robert RL1833            subo7@EARTHLINK.NET
                                               310-451-5555 (FAX) 310-451-1993
Laird, Robert RL2681  
                                               713-467-4135 (FAX) 713-467-4135
Laird, Scott SL823              tslaird@MINDSPRING.COM            770-813-9709
Laird, Scott SL873              slaird@CBPR.COM                 1-770-392-8611
Laird, Scott A SAL2             scott@LAIRD.COM
             1-360-733-3769 1-360-734-7028 1-360-734-7028 (FAX) 1-360-671-6551
Laird, Shirley SL2401           ice@ELECTRICBREAD.COM
                                             (907)562-3131 (FAX) (907)561-1835
Laird, Steven SL1242            thearkaltn@AOL.COM                501-631-9329
Laird, Taneshia TL831           mandmgroup@AOL.COM
                                               908-572-2120 (FAX) 908-572-2108
Laird, Tim TL847                lairdt@PGG.MCDERMOTT.COM          330-860-2404
Laird, Tom TL38         lairdt@CSOS.ORST.EDU            (503) 658-6081
Laird, Tom TL202                lairdt@PEAK.ORG                  (503)373-3850
Laird, Tom TL702                lairdt@CSE.COM                    503-492-3652
Laird, Tom LT52-ORG             lairdt@CSE.COM                  (503) 492-1066
Laird, Travis TL425             travislaird@MSN.COM               303 443-3600
Laird, Travis TL1123            travis@LAIRDNET.COM
                                               401-946-5218 (FAX) 401-946-5670
McCulloch, Laird LM324  laird@JOIN.COM                  (415) 321-4006
Paternoster, Joseph JP1320      laird@SONIC.NET                 (707) 528-3313
Pulver, Laird LP1154            laird@MCROON.TC.UM.EDU
                                               612-690-0662 (FAX) 612-690-0426
Stovall, Ransom RS1605  laird@SONIC.NET                 (707) 579-1400
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