Robert Laird's "Extended" Family -- If You Are A "Laird", Read THIS!

Robert Laird's "Extended" Family

Laird Info from Russell and Spencer Laird

Here's info I have:  (this info was given to me by Spencer, 
so I have complete faith in its accuracy):

Archibald M. Laird:
		b. Mar. 3, 1776, Laurens Co. SC
		d. Jan. 19, 1851, Johns, Rankin Co, MS
		m. Feb. 23, 1804 to Margaret McKelvey
		Father: Robert Laird

Archibald E. Laird:
		b. 1797, Laurens Co., S.C.
		m. 1820 to Mary M. Eddleman
		d. About Aug. 1875
		Father: Samuel Laird
		G'Father: Robert Laird

Arch E. was named after his uncle, Arch M.

Robert Laird, grandfather of Archibald E., served with the Patriots
of South Carolina in the Revolution. Was born 1742, Lancaster Co., PA.,
to Lodowick (great name) Laird, of which I've not much more info,
really. Was stationed in GA for 6 months in 1779 & apparently liked
it enough to move there from S.C. after the war.

Archibald E. (my great-great-great-grandfather) and his wife named
their ninth child Cosby Winfield Dawson Laird, born May 31, 1839,
in Newton Co., GA.

Spencer's records show Arch. M. Laird & most likely brother James on
the 1830 census of Rankin Co., MS. Was listed on same county census
in 1840 & 1850, which also shows he and his wife, Margaret, with
five children, all born in Mississippi: William, Susan, Margaret,
Catherine and Elizabeth ranging in age from 15 to 26 (in 1850).
After looking at your lairdfam.htm page, this isn't the same Arch.,
but who knows? I would be surprised if there isn't some sort of

My great-great-grandfather William Parks Laird, a son of Archibald E.,
and great-grandad Thomas A., along with I don't know how many others
in the family, were born in Newton Co., GA, just east of Atlanta.

Great-Grandad Thomas A. settled in Waxahachie in Ellis County south
of Dallas for quite a while. He was a brick mason. My grandad, Fred,
was born there. The family moved to Dallas when my grandad was young.
Dallas is where my dad, Thomas Lewis Laird, was born in 1926, and
where I was born May 29, 1953. Talk about weird, eh? 27 days...

Anyway, I haven't established a direct connection with the Laird
Hill, Tx, Lairds. I've been through Laird Hill, although it was a
long time ago (mid '70's) and don't remember much about it. It was
a "wide spot" in the road so to speak, very near Kilgore in East
Texas. The hospital in Kilgore, by the way, is the Roy H. Laird
Memorial Hospital. Roy H. was one of the Laird Hill folks, I
think. Also think the Laird Hill clan, or at least some of them,
made some tall money in the East Texas oil boom in the '30s.

My wife, Robin, and I have been married since 1973 and have four
kids: two boys & two girls. Our oldest, Austin, is 19 and just
getting into his second year at U. of North Texas in Denton.
Rustin, 12, Alicen, 10, and Mary Mackennen, 7, round out the crew.

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